Study program


The UPJ Architecture Study Program has the uniqueness of green architecture, by prioritizing direct experience learning in collaboration with the Jaya group and institutions from within and outside the country with a learning pattern that is balanced between scientific concepts and practice in the field. We emphasize green architectural design, urban studies and integrated building information modeling in communicating architectural design ideas.


We have a distinctive color that other Architecture Study Programs don't have

Develop superior architectural science in the specifics of green architecture, urban studies, and building information modeling that is environmentally friendly and based on science and technology.

  • Green architecture

The Architecture Study Program at Pembangunan Jaya University is unique in developing Green Architecture concepts and practices. Green architecture is an approach to architectural planning and design that pays attention to sustainability, energy efficiency, and wise use of resources in designing buildings.

  • Urban studies (urban studies)

As part of Pembangunan Jaya University's distinctive color in the field of urban development, the Architecture Study Program applies uniqueness to urban studies, including planning and designing urban areas and critical studies of urban development issues, both locally and nationally.

  • Building Information Modeling and Parametric Design (Building Information Modeling)

BIM and Parametric Design as distinctive colors encourage the Architectural Study Program academic community to follow design developments in the international architectural design arena. Architectural design now requires design accuracy that increases creativity through parametric design and considers constructability, operational ease, integrated coordination with other divisions through the use of BIM.

Profile of Our Graduates

Describes the soft skills and hard skills that students achieve when they graduate. A graduate who:

  • Graduates have the ability to apply Jaya values
  • Graduates are able to study various knowledge in architectural design, residential and urban design, building technology and green buildings, as well as architectural history and theory
  • Graduates have leadership abilities and responsibility in solving problems related to the field of architecture
  • Graduates are able to create building designs using green building principles that are sensitive to the dynamics of sustainable urban areas

What to Learn

In the Architecture Study Program, students study all the subjects required to graduate as a Bachelor of Architecture:

  • Mastering the science of architectural design that meets aesthetic measures and technical requirements, and which aims to preserve the environment
  • Mastering basic knowledge in the fields of history and architectural theory including art, technology and human sciences
  • Understand structural, construction and engineering problems related to building design
  • Able to analyze knowledge outside the field of architectural studies related to urban development
  • Able to analyze the principles of sustainable development and be able to apply them in the field of architecture
  • Able to design architectural works independently using research-based design methods, and produce creative and contextual architectural works
  • Able to display thoughts and design results in the form of graphics, writing and communicative models using manual and digital techniques;

Future Career

  • Assistant architect in a planning and design firm or consultancy
  • Continuing education to Master's level or Professional Architecture Education
  • Work in fields related to architecture, bureaucrats, developers, contractors, architecture academics, architecture writers, BIM operators, etc.

Alumni Stories

My experience at UPJ has been invaluable. I have gained excellent knowledge from experienced lecturers and practitioners in their respective fields. This has equipped me with highly valuable skills, both in terms of hard skills and soft skills, which will greatly benefit the development of my career.

ARIMBI ALESSANDRA NARO Magister Program, Columbia University

In addition to my formal education in the field of Architecture, I have also acquired informal education in the form of mindset and attitude during my time as a student at UPJ. This foundation has served as my capital to venture into the professional world and establish my own business.